Monday, July 27, 2009

Knox Hill Neighborhood Article in Enquirer

In case you haven't seen it Steve Kemme did avery positive piece on the Knox Hill Neighborhood today. I haven't seen the print version but I have read the online and it raises the issues and talks about the hope we have for this neighborhood and saving historic structures.

People are starting to take notice of the area and more people are buying and restoring . That is what we need, people who understand the potential of the neighborhood and want to be a part of it.

We are working on other PR for the neighborhood including a self guided walking tour brochure on the neighborhood that talks about its history and we are expanding our out reach to area realtors in marketing the area to preservation minded individuals.

The neighborhood is starting to develop and energy that has been missing for decades and I belive that the positive changes will continue going forward.


Todd McFarland said...

Paul, I enjoyed reading about your hard work and efforts. Kudos for your risk taking and bravery.

Paul Wilham said...

I dont know about "risk taking or bravery". Despite the percieved notions of many concerning the area, it really doesnt live up to the bad image that locals have of it. Now I will grant you that the corner of Fairmount and Harrison "has issues', most of the neighborhood is quiet and the people living there are well behaved.

The vast majority of the "problem people" have left. Criminals do not like spotlights and despite our differences with the city on Preservation issues, the building inspections has been dilligent in attempting to cite bad property owners and CPD has increased their presence creatinag positive experience for many long term residents who now are willing to sit on their front porches.

By comparison to some neighborhoods I"ve been in this one is tame. More importantly we have a good core group of people who care about their neighborhood but just needed organization.

A few mnore people coming in and the neighborhhod can turn the corner.

Todd McFarland said...

I love discovering new (at least to me) little niches in the city. I had no idea Knox Hill existed. I'm glad to hear it's relatively calm too. Once I'm done with the Broadway house I'll be looking for a new prject.

Paul Wilham said...

Is the Broadway house the one Kenvin Lemaster had featured on his blog?

The thing I like about this area is it is defined, there are really only two ways into the area which means not a lot of "drive through". Smaller defined neighborhoods are easier to improve in my opinion.

The best thing at least for me is the size of the houses. For the most part 1800-2800 square feet which is manageable. There are some huge 5000-7500 sq foot mansions on Fairmount but I personally am tired of big projects. The area 'has' the potential to be a "Mt Adams" but the property here isn't as dense which is good thing in my opinion.

I would be happy to give you a tour some weekend when I am down working on our house, just drop me an email off blog, in advance, so I know you are stopping by

Architecturally the neighborhood has Mostly Italianates with a exception colection of Second Empire cottages which seemed to be a favorite for weekend cottages. There are 12 Second empires in the neighborhood. There are also some exotic styles such as Swiss Chalet. The western end of the neighborhod has some exceptional craftsman bungalows with rookwood tile everywhere.