Monday, July 6, 2009

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

A three day weekend allowed for great progress in spite of Saturdays rain. Painting is moving right along and the East facade will be done as soon as the area over the side porch is painted and the windows are trimmed out. The house is MUCH more visible now as one drives down the street and several people stopped by over the weekend to comment on the restoration and how much better the neighborhood looks as a whole.
I also managed to paint the old beaded board ceiling of the original side porch. Even though this will eventually be gone due to the construction of the connecting tower to the new 2 story carriage house it was nice to get rid of that white paint! This space will eventually be taken over by the formal dining room.

Inside work is progressing as well with some demolition of some shortened door frames is taking place. The old doorway to the front formal parlor will be replaced with a new more formal Arched entry with Walnut trim and a fretwork panel in the arch area with a rod to hold the new portiere (drapes) that will go there. Victorian homes in this era often had draperies across doorways as a mean to prevent drafts and close off the formal parlor from the rest of the house

The other doorway added at the turn of the century will be removed to open up the hallway that will pass by the stairs. The space already seems larger at this point. I still have to build the hall wall that will separate this entrance hall from the new kitchen.

We also started cleanup of the old stone steps at the street which had a lot of loose concrete from previous repairs where they 'skimmed' the old limestone steps with concrete. I hope to start on the rebuild of the stone steps later this summer and retuckpointing and rebuild of portions of the front wall so we can install a new wrought iron fence.


The Peacock Room said...

Paul, do you remember where you found the portière illustration? I've been researching curtain/portières and would like to add that image to my database. Thanks!

Paul Wilham said...

I don't, I have huge collection of architectural stuff.Feel free to copy it.

FYI: for your research on period room details you might want to look at the HARBS HAER photo collection Library of Congress as they have many interior photos of private homes.

The Peacock Room said...

Thanks, Paul... hopefully one day I'll come across the image 'in situ,' as it were, since my research project is primarily scholarly as opposed to practical.

And I agree that the HABS and other archives which contain period photos of interiors are a valuable resource.