Monday, August 31, 2009

1900 FAIRMOUNT:Illegal occupancy/ demolition update

The City of Cincinnati Department of Building inspections re-posted the condemned building at 1900 Fairmount On Friday with two condemned signed placed in a readable public location visible to anyone on either side of the front entrance of the building.

These signs were promptly torn off the building, presumably by those there. Perhaps in the belief that the issue will just "go away"

Residents who lived nearby reported several incidents of excessive speed by motorcycles on Fairmount. I received several from neighbors with kids who were concerned about it and I told them to call the police and report it.

There is overwhelming support from the neighborhood for the city to proceed under the court finding issued in 2008 even though we would have loved to see someone properly restore the building.

Restoration cost were estimated to be between 175,000.00 to 200,000.00 for a proper restoration of the mixed use building and between 50-75,000.00 just to bring the building up to minimum code. The building, in addition to a somewhat serious structural issue on the rear of the building, needs a new roof, electrical , plumbing, HVAC, and for any commercial use, ADA compliance. No permits have been pulled on the building, nor were any architectural plans submitted as would be required, according to city records since it was condemned and deemed unfit for human habitation in 2008.

The city is proceeding with it's demolition plans this week .

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