Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cincinnati Preservation seeks proposals for Hauck House

From Cincinnati CPA
Cincinnati Preservation Association (CPA) announces the acceptance of proposals for the purchase and utilization of the Hauck House, a Cincinnati landmark. The Hauck House is a stone-fronted Italianate townhouse featuring classically inspired details as fluted pilasters, arched windows and a crowning cornice. The house is located on Dayton Street in Cincinnati, nicknamed “Millionaire’s Row” during the late 19th century. Circumstances unique to the Hauck House compel CPA to manage this process via Request for Proposals (RFP) to assess the feasibility of submitted proposals regarding the property’s future restoration and use. A nominal $30 charge is requested to acquire the Hauck House RFP. Proposals are to be received by October 30, 2009. CPA has established a special Hauck House Proposal Review Committee which will review all proposals

This has to be one of the most important homes in Cincinnati and from an old house junkies perspective a "dream house". The auditors office places a value of 161,900. I would suspect they expect to get more out of it. There is a large house across the street for sale that has been converted to apartments on the market in the 120's and it would need at least 250k to be restored properly. This may be a bargain by comparison. I would suspect CPA is looking for it to be maintained as a museum house but I could see a B&B use. If it could be zoned properly I would love to operate it as a museum house and use the carriage house for our antiques business and design studio. I wonder how much interest there will be. It would make a great personal residence for someone with its proximity to downtown.

The Habs Haer site has some old photos of the Hauck house here are some interior shots from that collection taken in 1970's.


Jason said...

I've been in that house several times and it is absolutely gorgeous in every detail. The fact that the auditor put a value of 160000s on it is a joke! This is definitely a DREAM house by anyone with an eye for historic architecture and would be worth millions if it weren't for its location and Cincinnati's unjustifiable fear of inner city neighborhoods.
My sister in law lives on Dayton street and so far she is quite surprised at how nice it is to live there. Its very quiet in fact.

St Charles said...

Did this house sell? Wondered what happened to the request for proposals.