Friday, August 21, 2009

Historic Home endangered by junkyard development

If you have ever headed west on the Western Hills Viaduct you may have noticed this well kept, large "mansion sized" white brick up on the hill at 1407 Ernst Street just off State Steet. (photos courtesy Margo Warminski)

The Federal style home, built in 1866 is in fact not a mansion, but rather the servants quarters for a Mansion owned by Cincinnati Industrialist Andrew Jergen that once sat higher up the hill. In fact the home was purchased years ago from the Jergen family by its current owner.

This home and several smaller, but non-the-less architecturally historic homes, are endangered by the proposed junkyard developement currently under consideration nearby on piece of property zoned industrial.
If this gets built it is highly likely that this house and others around the facility will be lost. The Lower Price Hill Community Council is fighting the proposed development and local preservationists need to get behind the effort to defeat this proposed development as well. The proposed site is ill suited, regardless of its current zoning, for the proposed use. The junkyard would be injurious to the health, public safety and quiet enjoyment of nearby neighbors.

More importantly it would in my opinion be 'stepback' for the area. Given the views from this site of the downtown and Mill Creek valley. This property could in the future see a better use as residential development.
The council should respect the wishes of the Lower Price Hill Community Council, reesidents and other neighborhood groups ALL of which are gainst this kind of development and deny this request. The Ernst street property is an important part of Cincinnati History and should be preserved. The Jergen faimily was part of the 'sucess' of Cincinnati that occurred because of industrialists and entrpenuers with a vison. Its time for the council to acquire some of that vision and not "settle' for proposals that are ill advised.

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