Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Even though its still summer we are working hard on getting exterior details done before colder weather gets here.
This weekend I installed the stained glass window in the front bay bump out. The frame for the window was constructed with some solid Oak that was a recycled door jam. I stripped the paint from it and repainted the outer and middle sections, leaving the interior side in the oak finish. Basically the stained glass goes on one side and the plexi on the other held in with window stop material so in the future it can be removed for any repair. I plan on replacing the outside plexi panel with a new magnetic storm window which I have ordered but for now the plexi panel provides both protection for the stained glass and an insulating value. The plexi was sealed in position with a clear silicone caulk and that was covered with a trim stock creating a tight seal.

Of course the outside was trimmed out and painted and we also touched up some of the outside paint details on the bumpout while working on the window.

On the inside FINALLY, the 1900 era closets are gone. Great care was used to carefully "de-construct" them as we wanted to preserve as much original plaster as possible. The new doorway will be reframed between the master bedroom and the new master bath. We saved the original 2x4 for future use. They are real 2x4 not the smaller version you buy today. We are now dangerously close to being able to run mechanical and get the bathrooms back in.
Perhaps another weekend and I can get the rest of the front facade done, at least the lower part. I still have to paint the front dormer which is tin and has several trim details which will need to be picked out in the various trim colors, I took a close up of it so I can figure out what color goes where. Considering what we started with the front facade has had a remarkable transformation.


CityKin said...

Very nice stained glass panel. Was this salvage?

Paul Wilham said...

No its new, based on an original design. We have a supplier for these and will eventually have several different designs for sale in the shop.

I have avery strict policy about salvaged stained glass. I will only buy it if its ownership is documented and the person selling it can prove they infact have acquired it legally and are will ing to providea receipt.

There is a serious problem of architectural theft and we just won't buy it. I have,on more that one occaision,turned people in who came to us offering stolen salvage.

A lot of the better antiques dealers now send out email alerts to other dealers when they are unsure about someone offering salvage. It has led to the recovery of several valuable pieces stolen from historic homes.

Laura said...

Very nice window.

Laura Goff Parham
State of the Art, Inc
Stained Glass Studio
Knoxville, TN