Monday, August 24, 2009

Knox Hill project: Weekly update

We had nice comfortable weather and you could tell that fall was in the air. Won't be long.
Work on outside continues (before it gets too cold) The front work is "almost done. I am almost ready to install the new corner cap boards and install the brackets under the box gutter.

The demo work behind us is almost ready to go and they completed the abatement work. I wonder what the view will be like when that house is gone. Certainly our house will be more open and we will finally get some southern exposure light!

I expressed my concerns this morning to the demolition contractor who is doing the demo. The problem is best illustrated in this photo. Our house is on the right. the center is the "servants quarters' for the house west of us (this abuts our house). On the left is the McBrayer house that is coming down. The PROBLEM is with the trees that are growing into the foundation of that house. Clearly when the foundation is demoed those trees have no support AND they lean towards our house. A problem, and, not acceptable if they fall. I gave the demo contractor permission to do demo from our lot if necessary to prevent those trees from falling in our direction. I do not want to have to deal with insurance companies and the city and I put him on notice of our concerns. He seems like he knows what he is doing and assured us that they will take the appropriate steps to protect our house from damage. I hope so!!!!!!

We also began priming the back of the house. We will be completely residing this side with new hardi because of door and window changes but I wanted that side to look presentable from the street and our neighbors views once the house behind us in down. I wish the owner of the servants quarters (its a rental) next to us would fix his east wall and paint it. Otherwise we will have to find away to screen it from view when we add the new rear screened-in porch.
I am pleased that everything we have planed so far has survived in spite of minimal watering.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet your neighbors would let you paint that side of their house. I know several people who maintain/landscape the side of a neighbors house that is close to their own, especially when access is limited by the neighbor. Ask them. Maybe you could paint it the same color as your house since from the photo it appears to be nearly attached(?).

You really should try to buy the property behind you if you can. Otherwise you may regret it later.

Paul Wilham said...

We have an "investor type" owner next door who is renting that house out to shall we say "anyone who breaths'. Hasn't cut the yard yet this year and is charging 650 a month for a place that in my opinion needs serious work to be even habitable.

As for the vacant lot , We want it. The problem is the city won't file a lien for the demo work, go to court and obtain the lot in lieu of lien payment so we can get it. our only other recourse will be the tax sale which means we still have a year's wait.

Most cities automatically file these liens get the property in 90 days or less and land bank it, or sell it to adjacient property owners. If you look at a prveious blogpost we have already developed a landscape plan and would fence the lot.

Unless ED Cunningham at building inspections pushes city legal to go after the lien, and apparently he wont. The city will ultimately pay a price as the minute that grass gets above the legal limit or the minute there is a piece of litter on it the city WILL get a call from me. They are going to spend a lot of time and money inspecting and maintaining that lot. Far cheaper to pursue the lien in my opinion, as wee have no problem in taking care of it if we own it.

Paul Wilham said...

I forgot to mention when we had our survey done. The house next door sits 18 inches on our property!