Thursday, August 20, 2009

Neighborhood Demo Watch: Updates

On Wednesday, the asbestos abatement contractors removed the 1930's era siding from the house at 2471 McBrayer. According to the contractors on site the house is scheduled for bulldozer on Monday.

What the removal of the siding revealed was exterior siding that was in very good shape. As I
suspected the house is a stick style Italianate underneath. You can also see evidence of the hinges for the period shutters the house once had. Although simple in form , in its day it was a very fine house.

To illustrate what this House "could ' have looked like I have done an front elevation showing the house restored with period appropriate paint and restoration of the shutters and front door back to its original locations. As you can see this would be a gracious townhouse redone.

The fight continues on the vacant lot issue that will remain. I sent emails to Councilman GREG HARRIS and City of Cincinnati Building inspections ED CUNNINGHAM to either provide me with contact at city legal or for them to request that the city pursue collection of the demo lien so that the vacant lot can be put into responsible, ( our) hands. I will post any response I get on this blog. Especially if anyone at city legal ever responds to the emails I have sent.

This demolition is senseless and only points to the continued FAILURE of this city on Historic Preservation issues.


Anonymous said...

Have you contacted Councilman Chris Bortz? He is the head of economic development whose family is into development. He seems to respond to previous emails quickly.

Phone: (513) 352-3255

Anonymous said...

Do you think the name of your side street might be McBrayer?