Friday, August 28, 2009

Neighbors Outraged over Motorcycle Clubs move into Building Scheduled for DEMO by City!

The Knox Hill Neighborhood Association is carefully monitoring the status of 1900 Fairmount. A mixed use Commercial Residential Building scheduled for Demolition by the city.
On Monday August 24 neighbors noticed workers clearing out the structure and residents assumed those people were city contractors emptying the structure to prepare it for Demolition. UNFORTUNATELY that was not the case, Members of the, "Ruthless Riders", a Cincinnati Motorcycle club were effecting repairs on the building to use the building as a motorcycle clubhouse!

I immediately forwarded this information To ED Cunningham and Mike Fhen at city inspections on Monday, in my capacity as president of our Neighborhood Association, requesting they notify the owner of the property and/or obtain a stop work order.

The two story mixed use building was declared a nuisance in 2008 after several years of on going problems with the vacant structure. The owners of the building at the time, Marinko and Trisha Gvozdanovic sold the property to Romeo Richardson on 1/8/2009 AFTER the declaration of public nuisance. City officials notified Mr Richardson of the order and proceeded to contract for asbestos abatement on the structure according to city records in April 2009. While the neighborhood would like to see the structure saved and has talked to a number of people interested in restoring the building, a motorcycle club is not an acceptable use.

On Wednesday ( two days later) I received the following email response to my concerns from Ed Cunningham at city inspections:
Mr. Willham,

This building has been declared to be a public nuisance and is under contract for demolition. All required notices have been issued to the former and current owner. This building also falls under the jurisdiction of the hazard abatement program. The owner would need a court order to stop the demolition at this time.

Thank you


On Thursday I received an photo taken that day that clearly showed that windows had been framed over and painting had taken place on the front of the structure. Over the door is a BANNER announcing the Motorcycle club.

I was able to obtain an email address for the Ruthless Riders Motorcycle club and sent them an email communication Thursday afternoon advising them the building was scheduled for demolition by the city. I included a copy of declaration of public nuisance. As of Today there has been no reply from them.

I received email communications from area residents that Thursday evening carpeting has been delivered to the site. Work is continuing on the property in spite of city declaration of a public nuisance and the city is not taking the necessary steps to shut this activity down.

Fairmount has dozens of kids who play in the street. The establishment of a Motorcycle club at this location would result in increased vehicular traffic, dangerous speeding and increased noise that would directly affect neighboring property values and would be injurious to the Health, welfare and public safety of residents.

No permits, according to the city records have been pulled for ANY repairs and in order to use a building like this for organizational use the building would require sprinklers and other fire safety equipment as well as be ADA compliant in addition to all mechanical permits required to bring the building up to code. WHY they have not sent an inspector by and posted a STOP WORK order is totally unacceptable.

The city is SERIOUSLY dragging its feet on this issue and the neighborhood residents who have made major financial investment in their neighborhood , deserve quick action from city officials.

The longer city officials drag their feet , the potential of a greater legal quagmire is created on getting these people out of that building.

This morning the neighborhood association in an email communication with the city manager, Ed Cunningham , Al Taylor and Mike Fhen of city inspection has made a formal written request that the city conduct and inspection of the property to determine if work is indeed going on in violation of the nuisance order and if so to issue an immediate stop work order.


I recieved an email from Ed Cunningham, Manager, Code Enforcement.

The Building will be on the ground by next Weds. according to the contractor. I will have an inspector check the site today, post condemnation signs, see what kind of activity is occurring, and advise anyone working on the building to discontinue based of the impending demolition.

Thank you,

Edward P. Cunningham
Division Manager
Property Maintenance Code Enforcement Division

Even though its early, it looks like

Knox Hill Neighborhood Association 1.

Slumlord/Biker Club 0.

As much as I hate to see that building go, the idea of biker club there would just be a MAJOR problem and a real step back for the neighborhood! Updates, as they happen, will follow!


PLA Outlaw said...

your a facist....plan and simple ... you have decided to act against folks who were trying to build up this structure and save an old building frm the bull dozers.. I hope they find another structure or get a lawyer....

Paul Wilham said...

No, I am a historic preservationist who would haved loved to see it restored and put to a good APPROPRIATE for the Neigborhood use.

What the neighborhood didn't want is a PROBLEM. And this would be just that. This building in the middle of a residential neighborhood, Is not zoned for that use, and you would have to be STUPID to start working on a building without permits or even checking to see if the ZONING allowed the use you intend.

If you don't consider a motorcycle club a problem then why don't YOU invite them into your neighborhood I wil be happy to give you their email address?

More importantly they were not restoring the building, they were just 'slapping' it together and it would have been an eyesore when they were done!

Call me a facist, but the safety of the kids that play in my neighborhood is FAR more important that a bunch of bikers roaring through my neighborhood.

Quim said...

Frankly, it sounds like the motorcycle club was getting screwed by the landlord.

UCstudent said...

No body wants a motorcycle club in their neighborhood. I have one in mine (central ave in brighton), they come two or three times a month, get drunk and rev their motorcycles loud enough to make your ear drums burst. We have a splash ground for children two blocks away. Is this the best use for the building, no of course not. Would it be better to condemn the building, or in your case demolish the building, to suit your middle class white values? I think thats a stretch. If they're complying with the laws, e.g. noise ordinances, than too bad. I can't believe you'd rather knock down a piece of history that can never be replaced than wait a few weeks and catch these guys breaking the law and have the authorities deal with them. Very short sighted Paul, shame on you!

Paul Wilham said...

We have been trying for 3 months to find someone to save this building. In fact we had someone willing to do it. They sent an offer to the owner and zero response! In fact the city delayed tearing it down because our neighborhood was trying to save it.

The city tagged it with condemned
signs on Friday. They tore them off and were over there 'hanging out' this weekend and the residents
called the police several times
over these idiots doing wheelies down the middle of the street.

Kids everywhere I might add.

As for the owner.An idiot. He had an offer and a hold harmless addendum stating the buyer as
aware of the issues with the building and he lets these guys move in.

He would have been off the hook on a building he obviously didnt want anyway.

According to one of the neighbors he was over there this weekend hanging out with them.

Anyone who know me knows I have
saved buildings that no one else would have touched and we tried everything we could do. BUT if the guy wont reply to an offer, what are you going to do. As it is,the city held off because our association was trying to find a
preservation minded buyer with the money to fix it up. Unfortunately you can't force someone to respond to an offer to buy.

Trust me no one wants to see that building torn down buit we are
at the end of a legal process That started in 2007 before I came along. Unfortunately there are no more options. But maybe this will make other think twice about not maintaining their property or thinking that RULES do not apply to them.

So in the end we lose this building but maybe as a result will be able to save others?

At this point the BEST we can hope for.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand why when everyone starts to see young black males and females on motorcycles, they get looked at as disrespectful people when really they are just young males and females trying to do somethhing positive with their lives, and not just out on the streets causeing havoc. I had a chance to talk to a few of the members when they were outside working on the project, and they all seemed to be very respectful and helpful individuals...I say get off their back so hard and give them a chance to see what CHANGE they can make in the the building looks alot better now then it did befor they came to town.

Bob said...


Bravo! Nice job. We support you 100%.

a) the building was under order of demolition (sad, but true)

b) nobody in their right mind (except perhaps a bunch of motorcycle riders) wants a stupid, smelly, loud group of drunken fools destroying a neighborhood on the verge of turning around.

Not sure why people are hating on you for doing the right thing -- but ignore them. What kind of work have those people done to improve Knox Hill? Nothing!

Anonymous said...

wwwwooooowwwww all i can say is wow all they did was come over and clean up the yard that hasn’t been cleaned all year the building was full of trash and they cleaned that out, and as I understand it they haven’t done anything in there that requires a permit. Are you guys that scared or racist toward black people? this building has been vacant for years and everyone that is complaining on here never lifted a finger to do anything about the condition of the building and now all of a sudden black people come and fix up the building and now you guys have a problem. Wow that’s something and your sitting there saying they have to be monitored and watched wow wow wow well let me ask you something first if the building was so bad why didn’t you guys make an afford to fix it up at lease keep the grass cut and to have anyone ever talked to any of the guys working on the building have you stopped by and said hi do you even know one of there names have you shook there hands, in other words did you get to know anyone before you passed judgment?

Anonymous said...

this is to paul wilham... you call them idiots on here go over there and say it to there face..............i thought so your a wrote saying what they did each day of the week so you meen to tell me that your that board that all you do is sit in the window and watch them..emm that souds like a stalker to me peole you better watch your kids

Paul Wilham said...

I allow "anonymous" comments even though I feel most people should, if they have an opinion,be able to put their name to it.

Background informantion for all you 'anoymous supporters' of this organization. I spoke with an old friend of mone who works at ATF, Alcohol, Tobacoo, Firearms last week. "Ruthless Riders' is an east coast based group trying to "move' into Cincinnati. Thier East coast members have an extensive criminal background involving drugs and prositution.

These are not people you want in your neigthborhood. AND by the way this is not an "black' issue. The opposition to this from area residents occurred long before anyone was even aware of the race of these individuals. In fact those screaming the loudest about this are residents who themselves are black and clearly understand that this is not something they want in their neighborhood.My phone was ringing off the hook all weekend and my email box is pretty full of parents with kids , who are black and live on Fairmount who want none of this on their street. I do not live near this building and the calls being to Police were made by black residents on Fairmount, so "anoynmous' you might want to get your facts straight.

The opposition to this is from residents who are black, white gay, jewish, muslim, you name it. Ours is a VERY Diverse multi cultural neighborhood. So those of you trying to play the "race' card, you need to get a life!

And I stand by my statement that anyone who starts working on a building without checking to see if its condemned, then continues working on it AFTER the city reposts it as condemned is an idiot. Tearing off the sign doesnt change the situation or make it 'go away".

Anonymous said...

Get real people, why would anyone want a motorcycle club in there neighborhood. Black, white, yellow or purple they all make loud noises. Furthermore, why would these "fine gentlemen" want to place it in the middle of a residential area. These guys are probably not a branch of the Shriners! If they cared about the community, they would have reached out to that community and tried to let everyone know what there plans were for the building. I would think the best place for something like this is in a commercial zone. One that after hours and most likely on weekends would not have people and especially children runing around it. Then no one would be complaining about the noise!! Common courtesy goes a long way no matter your race. I am so tired of race being used as an excuse for everything.......... I think that card is about played out.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of Bull. I live down the street from this building and Ive got small kids. You didnt see the motorcycles runing down the street at 60 mph and you didn't see them popping a wheelies when they left.

That building hass been a problem all the years Ive lived here and if people call that fixing up a building then they must live in a dump.This area is finally started to get better because new people are coming in and fixing up the houses that nobody wanted and we do not need this or want this gang here and that what they are a gang.

Nobody that lives in this neighborhood wants those THUGS in there and before you start in I'm Black, I am not a fool, and I know exactly what they are up to and its no good for the neighborhood.

I live here and Im ready to see that building torn down. Best thing that has happened on my block in years will be that place gone and those thugs out of here!

I wish the city would show up today and tear that place down.

Paul Wilham said...

Thank you. No one that lives in this neighborhood wants this. In fact the people using this building, In violation of the order of a court concerning the safety of the structure do not live in our neighbrohood either and I have nor recieved one phone call or email from anyone in the neighborhood who supports that use of that building.

All we are hearing from ,in terms of support, are people who don't live in this neighborhood. Maybe they can invite them to their neighborhood when the city tears down this building this week! Because it is coming down.

Bob said...

Huh -- I've never heard of a black motorcycle gang. Would've thought for sure this was a bunch of grizzled white hillbillies smoking, drinking, and making noise. The black thing never entered my mind. Doesn't matter what freakin' color they are, they don't belong in ANY residential area.

Would love to see the look on their faces when the bulldozers and backhoe arrive...

Anonymous said...

Wow once again Paul you are a big lie I live a few doors down from you and know for a fact that you called the police your mad not only because their black but because your kids like the black culture and you cant stand it……..well to bad and as far as the residents you two idiots are the only ones complaining get a life you sat there and posted what they did each day in detail sitting there in your window right across the street and now you get on here and say you don’t live on the street LIER and a stalker everybody needs to watch there kids

Paul Wilham said...

Ok I will now start deleting anoymous psots from this point on on this thread because the above person is obviously a fraud and doesnt live in this neighborhood as anyone who knows me knows I'm openly GAY, and live one street over from Fairmount on Knox.Greg and I do not have kids so obviously you are plain and simple a LIAR. Should have REALLY done your research!

AS I said in earlier posts this is a racially and culturally diverse neighborhood and everyone gets along just fine.

It is now OBVIOUS to anyone who reads this blog that the people supporting this motorcycle club will LIE or say anything to try to defend a defenseless argument that this is some how good for the community.

Just like the people who went into this building without permits and thinking they can do anything they want, the above poster isnt too smart either.

But you really just gave everyone who reads this board a good laugh and just made yourself out to be an Idiot! Post again and you are deleted.