Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Comments administration on this board

I have had to disable comments on a the post about the motorcycle club blogpost due to the activity of an individual who apparently supported the illegal use of this building and after I disabled anoymous comments on the board, this IDIOT, thought he would create a google ID with my name and begin posting stupid and inflamatory comments. Those comments were deleted and the comments section locked.

This unintelligent individual is apparently not aware that his computer has a traceable Static IP Address which reveals the physical location of their computer and that information may be obtained by the Police as part of any investigation. Many people stupidly think that they are "hidden' on the web, and can make cowardly and inflamatory comments, BUT the reality of the situation is that they are NOT! When they created a fraudulent Google accoun their originating static IP address which reveals their exact location of their computer and that location is also kept by their internet service provider.

The Google Security Services division will be informed of this individuals attempt to create a fraudulent google account and make inflamatory posts and ALL appropriate action no doubt will be taken. And I will also refer this to the local authorities for appropriate investigation.

Neither I, Nor the Knox Hill Neighborhood Association, will not be intimidated by anyone!

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