Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The elusive historic views

Like most old house people sometimes you'd like to hop in a time machine, take a digital camera and go back to your house a 100-125 years ago and just take a few snapshots!

This photo is one of the ones I received from the Nagele's, who owned our house back in the day. At first glance I was confused as to just what and where I was looking. I ran this through some limited photo enhancement I have to clean up the image somewhat and realized that I was looking across the street from our house and the three houses in the background are the 3 across the street from us the small Italianate cottage and the two Second Empire cottages, all still standing but in various stages of remuddle.
What threw me was the one on the left. As you can see from the photo I shot from our second floor the small windows that were once on the front are long gone replaced by vinyl siding. It was also hard to make them out because of the trees and bushes in our front yard at the time and the 'wooden sidewalk' threw me. Of course I then had to remember that the garage cut into the front yard hillside next door wasn't always there and at some point there was a connecting wooden walk up in the yard to the house next door.
The things you learn from old photos but I'd still like that time machine!

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