Friday, September 11, 2009

Knox Hill Project Our 'New View"

After months of speculation of "just when", and a mad scramble by neighbors, to salvage as much materials as possible from the house, the property behind us was taken down this week by the city.

I have VERY mixed emotions about this, the determination was made long before we even bought our house, in my opinion the house could have been saved but it was a 'done deal' by the time we came along and bought our house, and organized the Knox Hill Neighborhood Association. I am glad however that so much was saved from this house that will aid others in the restoration of their homes so some good came out of this.

Some Demo photos courtesy of Mark Elstun. It is remarkable that they can take down a house this close to the houses around it. The old servants quarters house next door to us is 3 inches away from the house that was taken down. It is remarkable, but extremely tragic at the same time. The servants quarters rear wall exposed for the first time in 120 years.
120 Years of history, pretty much gone in a few short hours. Lets hope that this becomes a "Rare Event" in this city. We must stop the demolition of restorable historic houses!

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