Monday, September 28, 2009

Knox Hill Project: Weekly update

Another productive week, I really like when that happens:

Finds and Archeology. It seems every week we find some of Antone Nagele's handiwork. This week it was what I think was, a piece of a decorative Lintel.
The other "find" was piece of original window detail trim. This is the outer detail piece that was on all our interior doors and windows. This piece was left from where a workman built around the detail when constructing a wall for the added bath in the kitchen area. This is great because we now know what the profile looks like and that will aid us in selecting a proper trim detail. Otherwise I would have had to guess.
The big project was getting the opening for the Renaissance revival arch done that separates the formal dining and front formal parlor. This archway will be trimmed out in wood and will have a portier (drape) on rod with an arched fretwork panel above, When creating an arch in a small house where you want to emphasise the height the arch should always be as high up as possible and you want to make sure the scale looks right. Our ceiling is 10 foot and our doorway is 48 inches wide our "arch" area is 2 feet. The eye is drawn upward thereby giving the ceiling a sense of greater height.Of course you have to make the arch and ours was formed from two pieces of 1/4 inch OSB. The arch opening was drawn using a string and pencil and was cut using a rotozip. The doorway opening is 12 inches wide. The two panels are connected with 11 1/2 inch wooded nailers to provide a place to screw in the drywall. This entire assembly is then screwed to nailers in the rough opening.
The opening is then drywalled and in a future installment (down the road a bit) we will cover building the architectural wood trim and panels that will finish out the arch. This archway will be repeated where you transition from the stair hall to the dining room as well. Although this is a small cottage we are endeavoring to add nice detail to it.

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