Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Knox Hill Public Relations

Saturday I gave a tour of the neighborhood to Margo Warminski at Cincinnati Historic Preservation. We discussed local preservation issues and moving our neighborhood forward and saving as much Historic Fabric as possible.

Most think of this neighborhood as just small cottages. However there are several fine mansions in the neighborhood as well, such as this fine brick example.
As is often the case when I give walking tours of the neighborhood I spot details on houses or an angle at which I had not looked at a house before. Case in fact that this columned porch may have been salvaged from the devastating fire that destroyed the German Social club up the street. This detail was pointed out to me recently by a regular reader of my blog. This house is an excellent example of Victorians " Keeping up with the Jones". This once modest Italianate cottage has had several additions over the years including the aforementioned porch columns as well as a later towered addition on the left. This house may have one of the best views of the valley bellow, and the city however.

This is a nicely detailed brick cottage that also has had some changes over the years. Note the small gable on the front and the enclosure of a porch added during the craftsman era. Although this house appears diminutive from the street elevation, it actually has a walk out lower area and is quite deep.

Although most homes in area were built between 1840 and 1880 there are some later examples like this 1895 Grand towered Queen Anne. I strongly suspect that under the 1930 siding lies elaborate cut shingles and banding.

This block shows a smorgasbord of architectural styles including Second Empire, Italianate and Gothic.

One of our neighborhood association projects is a self guided Historic Architecture walking tour brochure that we hope to have out next spring.


Dan said...

I need to make a visit and check out the neighborhood.

Paul Wilham said...

Will be happy to show you around some weekend. It seems like I am giving a tour to someone every weekend. OUrs is small neighborhood you can walk it in about an hour, UNLESS, you get in deep architectural discussions which is easy to do.

As I said we are working on a self guided walking tour brochure of the neighborhood that will outline the history of the area and have listed key examples of note worthy architecture in the area.

I hope to make this avaiilable to the State Department of Tourism, CPA, as well as local realtors selling in the neighborhood.

The big goals down the road will be a neighborhood home tour but we and other members need to get our homes "tourworthy" and see it we can find fellow preservationists willing to "urban pioneer".