Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Ohio Preservation Network: A good resource

I came across a site yesterday that I think will have value to those of us in the Historic Preservation Community or just those who are "Old House People". I know that many of my readers are local. The Ohio Preservation Network site :

The site has a great deal of content ( I put some out there myself yesterday) even though it is in its infancy. The site has a number of groups within it on topics such as Preservation, Ohio Downtown Revitalization, Historic Neighborhoods, Heritage Tourism, Endangered buildings and Sustainability.

You get your own members page where you can post photos about your restoration or important news. There is an events site, blog pages and forums. Membership is free. You do have to register and be approved and that appears to keep out the spammers.

I think the site has the potential to be a great resource as it can bring Preservationists from across the state together in one place to network and to share ideas and learn if someone else has already come up with a solution to a problem.

Its worth checking out.

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