Monday, October 26, 2009

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

This was a short weekend of work for us as we had other obligations on Saturday so Sunday we hit the ground running.

Leaves! Fall is here and the leaves are everywhere and our big lot means lots of leaf raking. We plan on composting most of them but yesterdays were put into large heavy paper leaf bags for our neighbor. She will use these in place of Hay bales to overwinter plants that might normally need to be bought inside. By placing these together and forming squares, plants can be placed in the inside and get enough protection to be overwintered.
Work continues on stripping the paint from the stencilled walls in the front parlor.
We are once again thoroughly cleaning in an effort to get rid of the plaster dust caused by the kitchen gut. We have the front room closed off (sort of) with a piece of plastic. This allows us to use a space heater in this area while working and have a warm retreat in the house. Based on square footage and volume we have calculated the correct sizing for the heat pump system and we will soon start running new efficient ductwork.
I also began the "trimout" process of the arch between the parlor and the formal dining room. The wood panels for the arch were ready for install. I mad cut these last week and they are 1/4 inch luan which I had "bent" and clamped in a temporary form I made that gave them the majority of the curve of the arch. The final part of the install involved using a good adhesive covering the back and then nailing the panels with a finish nail ( which will be covered by the wood trim). This luan will act as the back panel of the architectural paneling.
We also had the pleasure of a visit from some people from Westwood and had a great conversation about neighborhood issues and strategies for moving the west side forward. This week I will be working on getting the beaded board stripped and ready for install in the hall way. ALWAYS plenty to do!

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