Thursday, October 29, 2009

Restoration Resource: White River Salvage

In Cincinnati there are a few options to find that doorknob, or fence final or missing mantle and you've probably been to all of them. If you "have a afternoon, or a day" to spare, it it well worth your time to go to White River Salvage in Indianapolis. Even if you are not an "old house person", it is just a fun place to visit and see rare and unusual things.
White River Salvage is a huge sprawling complex on 1325 W 30th street. You can get directions on their website .
To say they have everything is an understatement. Need a complete staircase? They have it. Need a spindle? they probably have that too. In fact they have huge loft maybe 30x50 feet of just staircase parts and another of just door headers. This was one of the incredible staircases we saw.
They also have good collection of stained glass. You can also find ceiling tins, sinks, entry columns. Even some vintage pinball machines.
Doors? they have thousands in about ever size and shape imaginable. They have bins of door hinges. Bins of door knobs. Lighting they have it and they have a shop where they can repair your light fixture too. This "over the top" Gothic Door was about 10 feet high
The thing I like about this place is that it is all legitimately acquired salvage. The company has over the years routinely bid, and won, the salvage right on buildings that MUST come down for whatever reason. It's not like buying on Ebay or Craigslist where you have no clue if something was stolen out of a house. They have an Online store but prices are higher there. It is worth the trip to come in person. They have a good selection of Victorian furniture as well when you first enter the building. Prices are reasonable. On this visit I saw a Victorian small bustle settee for 250.00 bucks that would cost you 4-500.00 on Ebay and a nice Victorian chair for 150.00 . Just like any antique store CASH talks and you can negotiate a better price if you are paying with it.
The large items are usually identified with their history and the staff is very knowledgable.
Imagine owning your very own Gothic Confessional! Perfect to lock our city manager in and ask him about preservation issues!
Outside, they have, well everything. So you need a 30 foot Tower for your house? They have it.
They also have a huge open lot of clawfoot bath tubs. Another area is dedicated to wrought iron. They also have new urns and garden decorations. You never know what you will find, in fact we turned a corner and there was a 1951 Crosley pickup truck for sale!
They also have a second location in Centerville (not far from Richmond Indiana). That store is smaller and has more antiques/less salvage BOTH are worth the trip.

They are open Monday thru Saturday, Sunday by appointment

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