Monday, November 30, 2009

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

STAIRS!!!! Well actually "temporary" stairs. When we took out the old basement stairs they were in pretty good shape and we needed some front steps to the front door so we are using them temporally until I can build some new proper stairs with side panels and period rails. They are treated but I threw a quick coat of paint on the over the weekend so they would blend in with the restore of the front porch.

The stair hall continues along and the drywall is up and tape is bedded. The plaster was just too far gone in parts of it and had a thick 'dragged' finish on it that would be difficult, if not impossible, to sand off. Now that I have some real measurements to work off of, I can begin milling the parts for the staircase railings and trim. I can't wait to get the stained glass window in that opening and paint and wall papers on!

While we were at it we also taped the drywall upstairs in the second floor hallway in the master bedroom suite. It is always difficult to deal with 'shotgun' style room layouts and get a workable floorplan but I think we have something workable. the opening on the right is the opening for a stained glass window that lets light into the bathroom where the tub will go. The two windows on the left will eventually be doors that will go out to the second floor Veranda porch.

We also did a major cleanup since any plaster demo is now complete and the dust levels are back to normal at least until several skim coats of drywall mud are applied and sanding begins, but its nice to be ale to get around with out walking over stuff. We also are getting closer to have all the paint removed off the original stencilling and wall finishes in the front parlor. As usual multiple projects , lots of multi-tasking and somehow at some point it all comes together!

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