Friday, November 20, 2009

Local Cincinnati Demo Firm sets site on famous Ouerbacker mansion in Louisville

Local Preservationists have been up in arms ever since ResErection Inc announce their plans to market 3 local mansions and disassemble them and offer them for sale anywhere in the world. Preservationist here in Cincinnati continue to lobby for a city ordinance to prevent this. The firm already destroyed a prominent mansion on Kemper which is being re-assembled in Texas.

ResErections INC may have bit off "more than they can chew" however with the announcement on their website that they intend to market the famed Ouerbacker mansion In Louisville. Louisville ,unlike Cincinnati has a well monied and legally well represented,Preservation movement. The "Architectural RAPE" of the Querbacker is not likely to happen. Perhaps why they didn't mention the name of the mansion, or location on their website since local preservationists in Louisville would have been alerted! Unfortunatly for ResErection INC I used to own local historic landmark Home in Old Louisville and I recognized the Ouerbacker .

The mansion was owned by the city, and was offered for $1 with a grant of $100,000 for restoration projected to run to a million. The Louisville-Jefferson County Landbank Authority conveyed the Ouerbacker mansion to a Jeffersontown architect who planned to restore it.

Scott Kremer, who bought the property for $1, said he planned to renovate and restore it. After that, he said, he would like to give the property, at 1633 W. Jefferson St. in Russell, to a nonprofit or the city

Scott Kremer set up the Ouerbaker Foundation to restore the mansion and it was on a tour by the AIA Kentucky Chapter on September 15th of this year.

I have notified Preservation Louisville and the local AIA chapter as well as some old neighbors of mine from when I lived in Louisville who are VERY active in the preservation Community and city Government.

The Ouerbacker Mansion which was built by the famous architectural firm of Clarke and Loomis was on preservation Kentucky 10 most endangered at one point

HIGHLY UNLIKELY that they will get away with the "Architectural Rape" of the Ouerbaker in Louisville. I would expect legal injunctions could start flowing quickly.


Adam said...

Hmm, looks like ResErections has taken this house of their site now.

Excellent work in discovering this find. When I saw this house up on their website a week or so ago, I had assumed this house was located somewhere in Avondale along with the rest of their homes for sale.

Anything that can be done to stop the destruction proposed by ResErections needs to be explored.

Paul Wilham said...

According to a Louisville Blogger who contacted the owner regarding this. The owner states that they DID NOT authorized ResErection to put their property on their website, PERIOD!

Perhaps why it came down so quickly. Personally I hope their attorney sues the guy for fraud!