Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ResErection Inc may have marketed property without authorization!

ResErection Inc. has been under close monitoring by local preservationist watching to see if any more Historic Cincinnati properties were marketed by them. In fact Preservationist hope that the council will make changes in he city building code to deny demolition permits for deconstruction for resale.

ResErection Inc began marketing a property on their website, I immediately recognized it as the Ouerbacker mansion in Louisville, an important Louisville Landmark. I began making contacts to people in the Preservation community and was able to make contact with someone connected to a local Blogger on Historic preservation issues.

The Blog Broken Sidewalks, http://brokensidewalk.com/2009/11/20/no-need-to-disassemble-the-ouerbacker-house/ was able to contact the owner and as reported on their website:

"Scott Kremer of Studio Kremer Architects who stepped in to save the structure from demolition last year after a portion of the house’s east wall caved in has contacted ResErections asking that the Ouerbacker House be removed from its web site as he has “every intention to move forward as planned.” He was just as surprised to learn the house was offered for disassembly, especially after the east wall has been repaired and initial steps

towards renovation have been taken"

Kremer could consider taking legal action against the company which removed the Ouerbacker house from their site he day the controversy began.

Local Preservationists have wondered since resErection.Inc is an Ohio based corporation if the Secretary of State or Attorney General's office should investigate the firm. In the meantime Preservationists plan on tracking down the owners of all of the properties on the website to confirm they have been contacted and ResErection Inc actually represents them.

More news as it becomes available

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