Friday, December 18, 2009

Historic Cincinnati Stencil Set Now Available!!!

After a lot of pre planning we finnaly have the Knox Hill Parlor Stencil set available for sale!
These Neo Grec stencils which date from 1871 were discovered during the Formal Parlor restoration of the Knox Hill Cottage (Nagele-Merz House) an 1871 Second Empire Cottage in Cincinnati Ohio.
We are intially offering these as a combined set. The set includes two stencils: a 6 inch tall "Frieze/Border stencil" and a smaller 3 inch tall "Border/band stencil". and the 'run' is 18 inches.This RARE Historic Stencil Design has been copywrited by us and is only available from Victorian Antiquities and Design. We will likely offer them seperately as well, please inquire.
These stencils can be grouped or flipped in a variety of ways to make larger borders if desired. They are hand cut on heavy stencil material which will last a lifetime. You can own a unique Stencil design and help Historic preservation at the same time! The proceeds of sale of these stencils will benefit the on-going restoration of the Knox Hill Cottage.
We have these now available on our Victorian Antiquities & Design E-commerce site:

This is the first of a series of releases of Historic Restoration products based on Historic Cincinnati homes.


Quim said...

I don't want to tell you how to do your business - but aren't the prices for your stencils kinda low ?

Paul Wilham said...

Our Goal, is, now and always will be to make historic restoartion affordable.

As you know I could have priced this set at double what I did and probably 'beefed up' our shipping costs. Historic stencils are 50-75 a set or more typically. But our customers are typically repeat customers. The customer that buys a stencil today, buys a ceiling medallion tommorow, or calls us to Faux marble a mantle, or buys antiques from us. We have repeat clients going back 10-15 years and some are on their 2nd or 3rd house.

If my goal was to make money, I'd be back in the corporate world.