Monday, December 7, 2009

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Things keep humming along and work continues on the stencil restoration in the front formal parlor. We almost have all the paint layers removed from the walls which means we are now down to the original 1870's "milk paint" base. The stenciling is pretty much intact although there are some areas that will need attention. We are also continuing on the paint removal on the woodwork.
As I had noted in a an earlier post, we carefully traced the stencil pattern and that was sent out to have new stencils made so we can do the restoration phase. Fortunately/unfortunately these walls were "glazed' with varnish after the stenciling which will mean we have to tape off the stencilled area and sand the walls lightly in order to get new paint to adhere to the walls. It simply amazes me that this bit of history has sat there hidden under paint for 128 years only to be "rediscovered'.
Of course we have now entered the winter weather phase of things but we have a new tool in our little arsenal of warmth. We purchased a new propane powered heater. This small heater puts out over 40000 BTU's of heat and will run for many hours on a tank of propane. It will heat a 1000 square foot area and frankly we have found we only need to run it for a short time to get the house nice and toasty. It's lightweight and portable and we can bring it back and forth with us when we come over to work. But I'd be totally OK with bypassing winter and going directly to spring!

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Todd McFarland said...

I ran one of those heaters last year. They put out lots of heat but the drawback is they're noisy. I was bummed I couldn't listen to my radio!