Monday, December 14, 2009

Knox Hill Project Weekly Update

After weeks of removing layer of paint from the Formal Parlor to get down to the first layer we are finally ready to 'start over' and recreate a proper Victorian formal parlor. At the same time we are recreating the original stenciling we found, in a new colorway that will be more appropriate and formal for our antiques.
One of the reasons we were able to discover the original stencil designs was the fact that the artist "glazed' the final product with shellac. The drawback was that subsequent layer of paint applied years later didn't bond properly and that creating a condition called "crazing" or alligatoring'. Once you are down to the original layer you have to remove the shellac so the new paint will properly adhere. To do that you have to SAND....and sand and sand.
Our new colors are a combination of traditional colors. Our lower level of the wall (below the new chair rail) is called the Dado. For that area we are using a color called "black mahogany". The stenciled panels (shown here taped off) will match our fireplace we are using which has its original faux marbled finish. We are also duplicating the lower border from the hanging rail area just below the new chair rail.

The "Wall fill" are of the room will have a traditional golden tan color this will eventually get some corner stenciling based on the original top frieze.
The small border will be redone with the mahogany background with the stencil design in gold. the original Picture hanging rail will be gold leafed. The Top border or "frieze" above the hanging rail will be redone in a historic bluish green color and that will be re-stenciled in the mahogany.
Now you may note that the color from the frieze goes upward into the ceiling. That is because I am designing a new stenciled Victorian ceiling based on the original stencil design elements with some period style stencils, and of course, new historic designed ceiling medallion.
Overall the restored Parlor will recreate the original stencil designs but in a new , more formal way. The process will take many, many hours to complete!


Marilyn said...

Looking good, Paul. What about that ugly grate?

Paul Wilham said...

Initially it will be painted just to disguise it as much as possible. I am looking for a more decorative grill.

Unforunately we have to have it. It's part of the cold air return system and its primary benefit will be in summer when it will be opened up to draw hot air from the ceiling out of the parlor. And
you know with tall ceilings hot air gets trapped at the top of rooms and in the process makes the second floor hotter. By having these upper returns,you can draw the hot air out and it makes the HVAC system work more efficiently.

Originally this was a"passive vent"
that just moved air between the
parlor and dining.