Friday, December 4, 2009

This Blog makes one of the best "Local Blogs", Cincinnati Magazine

Wow, I am always the last to know these things. One of my readers emailed me to let me know. Cincinnati Magazine has listed us as one of the Best Local Blogs. I am in some great company with other bloggers, all of whom I read regularly to know what is going on locally.It is often difficult to find something almost everyday to share with you. Since this Blog is in large part about Historic Preservation in Cincinnati, often the news is not good. However lately it seems like we may be on a bit of a roll on saving some of this city's historic architecture.

Of course our own project, The Knox Hill Cottage is rolling right along. The house no one else wanted in a neighborhood the city had written off. I know at least of couple of the homes we featured on Cincinnati Preservation Bargains have found new owners thanks to being seen on this Blog. So bit by bit I hope we are making a difference and providing useful information not only to the Historic preservation Community but everyone else as well.

What's ahead for 2010? Well the work on the Knox Hill Cottage will continue and we hope to begin construction of the Carriage house addition and the actual decoration of the house, one of the things that keep us going. Our neighborhood association Knox Hill Neighborhood Association will begin the task of seeking Historic Registry nomination. We hope to complete our search for the right Commercial Building and open our Historic Design Center, Antiques Business and Gallery 1885, our vintage art gallery. I should be releasing a new book on Cincinnati Second Empire architecture this year as well. Of course this is more than just a local blog we have a national readership and several Preservation-minded people I know plan on making Cincinnati their new home in 2010.

We will continue our relentless push for more accountability by city officials for their disastrous policy of bulldozing buildings that can be saved and we won't back down on our commitment to the preservation of this city. We will put an end to the "Blight=Bulldozer" mentality of certain city officials.

2010 will be an informative year and hopefully more "Historic Preservation Wins'

The complete Cincinnati Magazine 'Best of the City 2009" list can be seen here:

Thanks to everyone for taking the time out of your busy day to actually read this blog.


5chw4r7z said...

Your passion and frustration in trying to save the buildings that make Cincinnati truly awesome does not go unnoticed.

Quim said...

You have to leverage your assets in your personal life and as a city. We got a lot of cool old houses here. It seems so obvious, but.....

Supernatural Botanicals said...

Congrats. Great blog!

Dan said...