Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ultimate Last Minute Victorian Holiday Gift Guide

Ok well maybe you waited for the last moment and just are not quite sure what to buy for that Victorian enthusiast? Well since we all no money is NO OBJECT for you I thought I'd compose a quick pick of 5 "ultimate gifts" for the Victorian Enthusiast. Don't forget for favorite blog writer!!!
Well if you have ever been to San Francisco , as the song says you probably left your heart there , and who could resist this under the Christmas tree. 2094 Bush is a nice small Victorian Townhouse, the slightly over 2000 square foot home is prices at a "BARGAIN 1.89 Million dollars. That is a little over 900 a square foot ( by comparison you could buy most homes in Cincy for the cost of 1 room). This nice little "starter" Victorian has a new kitchen but if you want that true "Over-the-Top" Victorian look expect to spend about another 500K in redecorating.
Everyone needs that warm homey Victorian entrance and this little gem of a mirror might just be the perfect gift. Priced at ONLY $32,000.00 (from Antiquiarian traders) this Herter Bros Renaissance Revival Mirror is "the deal" and it will show just how much you care!
Of course a Christmas Poinsettia might be nice but it needs a nice display stand to put it on and this Killian Bros Ebonized Pedestal stand would be the perfect display piece. Only $13,500.00 from J. Bogart Antiques.
The holidays are a great time for music and everyone needs a place to keep that Christmas sheet music. Gorgeous Renaissance Revival rosewood Victorian music cabinet might be the perfect gift and bargain priced at only $7500.00 from Southampton Antiques.
Of course you will want to sing those Christmas carols around a piano and this one from Antiquiarian traders might be a keeper. This black upright Napoleon III piano with heavy bronze work throughout. This magnificent piece has been completely restored including the piano mechanism and case. Piano is labeled 'MOIRIN AINE PARIS.' circa 1890 and ONLY 37,500.00
Happy Holidays and you don't even have to gift wrap these for me.

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