Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Cincinnati Online Preservation Directory

Last year I worked with or talked to dozens of out of state "old house people" who were interested in Historic property and neighborhoods in Cincinnati.In my opinion this is a good thing for the Preservation Movement in Cincinnati as it means we are attracting new people with fresh ideas to the city. Also in my opinion something largely overlooked by the city. Maybe because we 'outsiders' ask to may hard questions about how the city does things but inevitably I find myself scouring dozens of places trying to put together links that those from out of state, who read my blog and others, and who are interested in old houses, and Historic Neighborhoods, to be able to get a feel for our city and what we have to offer.

There is a lot of information out there. The City of Cincinnati government may think neighborhoods "begin and end" with the Community Council, but there are dozens of small neighborhood groups, and block clubs who are involved in the restoration movement "outside" the community council network. There are small networks of residents who are "urban pioneering ( I know some of you hate that term but it is the most descriptive of some areas of our city), there are Blogs on individual house restorations and such.

The BIG problem is those links are everywhere. CPA has some, the city has some, local Realtors have some and most of the major Cincinnati blogs have some links as well. So I've been thinking for some time we need a Cincinnati Online Preservation Directory. One 'good place' we can send prospective arrivals to Cincinnati to where they can discover the preservation opportunities that are out there, find people in neighborhoods where they are looking who are restoring

So I've decided to tackle the task and it may take a few months but at the end of the process I hope to have something useful so that when someone emails you or talks to you and wants to know "what's historic Cincinnati like?" or "we are coming for the weekend what should we check out' there will be a good "one stop" resource.

So what kinds of things am I looking for? Well things related to Old houses in Cincinnati. Individual Blogs about house restorations, neighborhood groups, block clubs, resources like antique dealers and Bed and Breakfasts in Cincinnati. What you won't find are Spam sites so spammers should not waste their time with submissions. I am going to check out every site for content and it being relative to preservation.

So if you have blog about your restoration, are part of a neighborhood group, maybe you have site dedicated to Cincinnati Historic Architecture, neighborhoods or even genealogy resources, I'd like to know about it. You can contact me at victiques@hotmail.com , I plan on having a preliminary list put together in the next 90 days or so and we can add from there. I already have links from the City of Cincinnati sites that are relevant and CPA. Id Also like to include Newport and Covington resources as well.


Anne said...


My name is Anne and I'm in the Marketing Department at Cincinnati Magazine. Please shoot me an email @ anne@cincinnatimagazine.com. It pertains to Victorian Antiquities and Design featured in the "Best of the City" Issue! Congrats on the recognition!

Anne said...

correction* amariscalco@cincinnatimagazine.com

D R E W said...

what a great idea! i've always thought this was something that was missing. i really think the city could become the next preservation hotspot.

i also wrote about this on my blog. more specifically about using preservation to attract new people to the city...


Fifteenth and Vine said...

Great idea! We need a central place to promote all the wonderful endangered buildings that need new owners so they don't end up on the demo list.