Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Demo Hearing Jan 29th .NO Section 106 Review!

The City of Cincinnati is conducting the second Nuisance Board Hearing of January (Jan 29th) in which another Nineteen Properties may be added to the demolition list and potentially be demoed using Federal Funds or your local tax dollars.
743 McMillan in Walnut Hills
There is NO RECORD of the city conducting any Section 106 Review Process required under Federal Law whenever a property may be demoed using Federal Funds to demo any property 50 years of age or older. I can ,once again, find NO PUBLIC RECORDS of the Urban Conservation office of the City of Cincinnati publishing any public notice calling for public comment on these properties. Meaning your tax dollars will be spent, that property that 'may' be eligible for listing on the National Register will be demoed without you having any opportunity to have any public comment on how your tax dollars are spent.
520 Ridgeway Looks restoreable
The list:
24 West Elder, 410 WARNER ST , 743 E MCMILLAN ST, 3082 BEEKMAN ST , 408 WARNER, 2730 COY ST , 3060 BEEKMAN, 520 RIDGEWAY, 5704 ADELPHI, 3058 KERPER, 1211 CHAPEL, 4029 EBERSOLE, 2046 QUEEN CITY, 3537 GLENWAY, 3622 IDLEWILD, 1908 HEWITT, 3241 FAIRFIELD, 6203 SIERRA, 3032 COLERAIN, 2566 TALBOTT

410 Warner Street

These 19 properties have a total assessed value of $1,084,321.02 , they have a total of $68,366.40 in delinquent taxes that if demoed will NEVER be collected if demoed, and generate $38,413.93 in annual revenue for the county and city. At an Average cost of 15000.00 per property, the city will spend $285,000.00 OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS in demolition costs and the vacant lots will generate NO income for the county for Decades to come. Does this sound like fiscal responsibility?

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