Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Over-the-Rhine Building headed for Demolition?

24 Elder may be the next building to go on the City Demolition list. On January 29th the City of Cincinnati Nuisance Board will make that determination.

If the city uses Federal Funds a Section 106 Review MUST take place, however No record exists of that taking place. 24 Elder sits in the Over the Rhine Historic District and clearly under Federal Law and a Section 106 review process should take place in which cost estimates are prepared to weigh the value of restoration vs demolition. This isn't "optional' on the part of the Urban Conservation office, it is mandatory and you the public are supposed to have the ability to have input on this process and present any evidence that this property is a contributing structure to a historic district and comment on what the loss of this structure would mean to the historic streetscape of the neighborhood.

Perhaps in an effort to 'circumvent' any public hearing the city plans on using Capital Improvement funds to conduct the demo? We do not know. In fact the entire process is done in secret. There are hundreds of properties in OTR on the demo or keep vacant list. No potential developer wants to touch these properties with the mountains of red tape one must deal with. So OTR will die, one property at a time.

Unless, you make your voice heard to the Mayor and the City Council over this process, where Section 106 Review is done in private by the Urban Conservation office, where the Nuisance Board is composed of city employees who are in a Supervisory role over the very inspectors who bring the nuisance complaints. The City will bulldoze OTR, your history, one property at a time. AND it is happening in EVERY urban neighborhood in this city!

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