Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Knox Hill Restoration Project: Weekly Update

Do you see it? A mailbox!!!!! Symbolic sure, but now the city has an official place to put all their nastygrams.

Work has been continuing On the Knox Hill Second Empire Cottage , albeit at a slowed pace due to the weather and recent holidays. Saturday was short day as we had commercial property to look at (could you even imagine the stress of TWO properties to Save from the city Bulldozers)? Sunday was decent day and we were able to make some real progress on wall prep in the formal parlor. We are 'almost ready to finish the painting and stencilling!
In other news I've been working on bracket restoration for the outside (which will be installed come warm weather), working on the new spindles to the staircase and the fretwork building for the stair hall.

Between our neighborhoods research for our National Registry Nomination and our Preservation battles with the city with our HUD complaint on section 106 review I have been spending increasing amounts of my time on Preservation issues but it has to be done.

I also learned we have new battle with a house just a couple of doors from our restoration, a contributing structure to our neighborhoods registry nomination a 2 story front bayed Queen Anne which was specially constructed on angle to take advantage of the valley view has gone from a open window complaint in September to a VBML, to a Condemn Order in FOUR MONTHS. This house is in the foreclosure process and the city is intentionally expediting this property to nuisance and they are WELL AWARE the owner let the property go back to the bank and the bank is simply dragging it's feet on the foreclosure. What the city is doing amounts to Governmental Redlining of our neighborhood by their policies and it needs to be stopped. This property has NO serious Structural issues and it is yet another example of the city "fast tracking' property to demo in anticipation of a big pot of federal money for "Blight Abatement"..

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Karen Anne said...

You guys would seem to need a friendly lawyer who'd donate his or her time to help save those houses.