Thursday, January 28, 2010

Police cleaning up crime in Over the Rhine

I came across this news story on the WKRC channel 12 on local Police efforts at cleaning up crime in Over the Rhine.

The article talks about simple strategies used to reduce crime in the Green Street and Race St area and based on early results its been successful. That's not to say the problem won't just move elsewhere, it certainly will.
What we need is an overall strategy come spring that simply makes it unattractive for criminals to conduct their "illegal businesses" on OTR. Neighbors, the few there are in some places in OTR, need to network, to help each other out in moving the crime out.

Now I am not suggesting that anyone 'confront' criminals directly, but there are things you can do to dissuade the criminal activity in your neighborhood.

LIGHTING: Criminals find it difficult to conduct their activity in well lit areas. Consider installing Halogen Floodlights on your home or business that will shine on the street. Report burnt out streetlights to Duke and follow up until they are repaired.

CLEAN AREAS: Studies have shown that well kept areas area deterrent to crime. Keeping the area in front of your home clean sends a message, that there are people who care. People who care call the police. Plant flowers, put window boxes on your windows, Paint your front door, simple things make a big difference.

SECURITY: For as little as 5.00 on Ebay you can buy a fake security camera. Looks real is motion activated and even has the blinking lights. Criminals do not like to be videotaped or think they are being videotaped. Better Yet buy a real one that you can link to your computer and email that activity to local police, so they know who the criminals are.

THE CLASSICS: Classical Music deters criminal activity. As pointed out in the channel 12 news. A little Bach or Beethoven goes along way.

POLICE RAPPORT: Meet your local beat patrolmen, they cannot be everywhere and you are their eyes and ears. Let them know where the "Hot spots" are. Criminals tend top move about and if the Police know where they are, they can be most effective. If you live in a crime prone area invite your local police officer to park in your area and do his paperwork between calls.

You can take your neighborhood back, Yes the problem moves somewhere else and you will never get rid of it all but you can make a difference.

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