Thursday, February 25, 2010

GAMBLE HOUSE: Huge rally, Green Acres Foundation sues city.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer Article over a hundred people showed up to the Save the Gamble House Rally last night. Carter Randolph has filed a suit in the court of common pleas to 'force' the city to expedite the demo permit.

Clearly EVERYONE, the neighborhood groups (ALL OF THEM) the residents, and I think its safe to say the MAJORITY of the city wants to save this Historic home. The only person who appears to want to destroy it, is Mr. Carter Randolph, who, according to IRS records filed in 2008 by the corporation, is a PART TIME 20 hr a week Vice President of the Board who is PAID 150,000.00 dollars a year. (matter of PUBLIC RECORD)

It would appear that Mr Carter Randolph is intent to 'single-handedly' destroy the reputation of the Green Acres Foundation in the minds of the public? One must wonder what the NON-PAID members of the Board of the Foundation are thinking right now. Most boards I know of would be asking for someones resignation about now, before the Green Acres Foundations reputation is TOTALLY DESTROYED!

I am going to try and find out today just whom in the City Attorney's office will be representing the city regarding the suit.

This could "backfire' in Mr Carter Randolph's face. I have sat on the board of directors of several non profits and charitable trusts over the years. A demolition bid is out of the 'normal' scope of operations for a foundation. It is capital expenditure of the non profit, and , more importantly, it directly affects an asset of the Corporation (in this case the Gamble house), this kind of 'activity' typically requires a vote of the Board of the Foundation since the foundation operates on Donated monies. The Green Acres Foundation being a 501 C-3 Non profit is required to maintain minutes of those meetings as part of the operation of the corporation.

Mr Randolph could be compelled in court to produce those documents. Thus far, I have not heard ANY public statement from any member of the board, that they support Mr Carter Randolph's actions, OR , that a meeting was held and vote was taken. If Mr. Carter Randolph has that proof I'd be happy to post it publicly for the Green Acres Foundation here?

One has to wonder what would happen if Mr Carter Randolph cannot produce such proof? One, what would the court say where he filed the complaint against the city, about that? Two, what would the Ohio Secretary of State say about the 501C3 status of a Ohio non profit charitable corporation that is not taking votes on those capital expenses?

Would they "freeze' the assets of the corporation? I don't know? Perhaps someone should ask?

The fight to save the Gable House appears to be far from over, In fact it's starting to get interesting?

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