Friday, February 26, 2010

Gamble House Lawsuit TODAY: Is the Louise Nippert legacy being ruined?

Today Carter Randolph and the Green Acres Foundation will attempt to deny the rights of the citizens of Cincinnati from being heard by going to court to seek an immediate demo permit on the Landmark Gamble House. Never mind that demo permits take time to complete that there is a process that you or I would have to follow the Green Acres Foundation believed that the rules do not apply to them. The hearing will be at 10 AM, County Courthouse , room 560.

This legal maneuver is taking place for one reason only, to deny you the opportunity to be heard on if the Gamble house is worthy of historic registry nomination and should be declared as such. That hearing is set for Monday. There is overwhelming support for that too. All the Westwood organizations support it, Westwood Concern, Westwood Civic and the Westwood Historical Society, other nearby community organizations like Knox Hill and others have written letters of support to Larry Harris, the Urban Conservator. Local and State level preservationists support it, numerous local and State level Politician's support it, Ohio Preservation even changed their Facebook Page logo in sign of support. The National Trust for Historic preservation supports this and there is overwhelming support from local residents whom have signed petitions that IN A WEEK have grown to over a Thousand Signatures.

IN short there is OVERWHELMING SUPPORT from across the city for saving this landmark and the ONLY people against this? Carter Randolph and the Green Acres Foundation. This "charity" which seems to be setting itself up for "self destruction" because once the Gamble house is gone they can "kiss goodbye" any chance of any rezoning of the property for the programs they want to install on site. Residents are OVERWHELMINGLY committed to keeping the property zoned single family residential if that happens . More importantly they have the time, the money and the legal resources to fight to keep it that way. They will not walk over Westwood they way they did in Indian Hills a few years ago.

The people who volunteer for the Green Acres Foundation are the ones I feel sorry for because the activity of tearing down a house , and filling up a landfill with truckloads of debris is totally opposite of what Green Acres is "alleged" to stand for. Bulldozing isn't "Green"! Those people find themselves defending the actions of a Board that apparently though its actions has demonstrated they do not give a DAMN about Cincinnati, its history, or the Gamble legacy . In fact Green Acres foundation would not exist at all were it not for the perhaps "misguided" gifts of Mrs. Nippert.

It is Louise Nippert's legacy that is being destroyed, a 98 year old woman's legacy is being DESTROYED by the actions of Carter Randolph and the Green Acres Foundation. Louise Nippert will not be remembered for her generosity to the symphony and the arts , she will be remembered as the Lady who stood by and did or said NOTHING to stop a Cincinnati Landmark from being destroyed, her own history! She who stood idly by while the Green Acres Foundation thumbed its nose to the people of Cincinnati, Proctor and Gamble Corporation, city officials and who apparently supports the Green Acres Foundation and Carter Randolph, who in typical "elitist' fashion are esentially saying "we are going to do what we are going to do" and perpetrate the "Architectural RAPE' of a landmark. That is what Louise Nippert will be remembered for now. The "ARCHITECTUAL RAPE" of a landmark!

Apparently Green Acres does not realize that not only are they causing the self destruction of their own charity which has done good things, they are DESTROYING THE LEGACY OF AN INNOCENT 98 YEAR OLD LOUISE NIPPERT who probably has no clue what is going on.


Louis Nippert deserves better, the people of Cincinnati deserve Better. If you want to destroy your own foundation fine, but do not ruin the reputation of Mrs Nippert in the process!

Sooner or later, rezoning will come and the citizens have the right to voice concerns about what kind of neighbor Green Acres Foundation will be. It is the actions they take now, that will form peoples opinions, that may ultimately decide if the will be allowed to pursue future activities on the site because we all get voice at a zoning hearing and there are many voices out there.

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