Friday, February 26, 2010

GAMBLE HOUSE Still Safe for now!

In today's Court hearing the Green Acres Foundation did not get all the hoped for. The Gamble house will stand for the time being. The court, while upholding the Foundation, gave the city until March 24th to issue a Demolition Permit or appear to show cause why they did not on March 26. People in attendance indicated the city planned on filing an appeal of judges decision today.

So the Bulldozers will not be at the Gamble House this weekend.

It is a victory, albeit a small one, for those who want to save the Gamble house. BUT WE WILL TAKE IT!

Monday will be a meeting of the Urban Conservation Board to initially determine if the Gamble House meets the criteria to be a designated historic Landmark. Almost 1000 signatures have been gathered and city email servers were slammed as people emailed the City Council, the city managers Office and the Mayor. This nomination may have the largest support in Cincinnati History!

That move will no doubt give the city reason to deny a demo permit because Historic review and a certificate of appropriateness will be required meaning the Green Acres Foundation will have to submit plans and justification as to why the house should be demoed and appear before the Urban Conservation Board giving yet another opportunity for Preservationists to present their case.

More questions are being raised about the so called "Protective Covenants" on the building that supposedly restricts the building is used yet NO ONE seems to have a copy of it. This alleged Protective Covenant has been cited repeatedly by Green Acres as the reason the house cannot be sold as single family, museum , or several other uses.

Also Mrs Louise Nippert has not weighed in on this, nor have any of the members of the Board issued any public statements on this.

Many are now raising questions if the 98 year old Ms Nippert is even aware of what is going on right now and if she would approve of the actions of Green Acres Foundation VP Carter Randolph who brought the action against the city and requested the demo permit..

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