Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Heritage Travel Resource: GOZAIC

Heritage Tourism is a multi Billion dollar business. People travel every year to historic sites across the country and the heritage tourism industry employs thousands of people and is a major source of revenue for many cities.

GOZAIC, http://www.gozaic.com/gozaic/ is a new travel site dedicated to heritage tourism. The site provides a one-stop shop of where to go, what to see in cities everywhere. From small towns to major cities, you will find historic sites, neighborhoods.

In case you were wondering, I typed in Cincinnati? Not one thing!

That is in my opinion , a lost opportunity. If you type in Savannah for example you will find historic neighborhood tours, antiquing guides. Savannah through its Heritage tourism efforts for example has created an estimated 15,000 sustaining jobs.
Imagine what could be done here if Over the Rhine were restored? Imagine historic tours of Price Hill, Fairmount Knox Hill and Westwood? Brewery Tours monthly in the Brewery district. Bed and Breakfasts in many neighborhoods. There is no reason we can't be New Orleans, Savannah, San Francisco in terms of Heritage Tourism. What we need to do as the Preservation community is convince city leaders that they are "missing the boat" when it comes to Heritage Tourism. That Cincinnati doesn't begin and end with Kings Island or a baseball game.

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