Thursday, February 11, 2010

Historic Gamble Estate in Westwood could be Demoed!

The Westwood Historical Society is nominating the historic Gamble House on Werk Road as a City landmark. The house has been largely vacant for years and is in need of repair, but structurally sound. It is owned by the Greenacres Foundation of Indian Hill, who has refused to repair it and has placed very difficult conditions on its reuse, including funding for renovation. Recently a neighbor complained about its condition, which led to orders being placed on it by the City. Repairs were then made to the site, but not the house.

It has been learned that the owners are getting bids on demolition of the house. Because it’s being nominated as a landmark, the City may be able to put a hold on demo permits. Maybe that buys 180 days at most?This is ongoing and I'll update as I know more, there are a couple of options that could be pursued. Hopefully they would sell it.Technically. WESTCURC could sue for receivership. That would be interesting. I am posting the auditors photo but here is link to a photostream that has better pictures

The Demo of this house would be tragic loss and its important for the Westwood people to get organized quickly to fight this!

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lll_pl said...

This would be a huge loss, absolutely gorgeous on of a kind home. I had heard the woman who owns it hates it and wants to see it gone because of some issue with her mother in law who owned it before. Shame someone could let something so beautiful be destroyed out of spite. Very Sad...................