Thursday, February 4, 2010

National Preservation and Development News Roundup

From time to time I plan on doing these quick news summaries on issues related to preservation and development news from across the nation. We can learn things by looking at other solutions.

OBAMA Administration Budget slashes Save America's Treasures Preservation program funding.

The City of Tulsa Oklahoma could have to repay nearly $1.5 million in Community Development Block Grant funds for two land acquisition projects, an official said.

Rock Hill South Carolina: Chester's Magnolia Inn to be rebuilt after attic fire.

Detroit Suburb, Lincoln Park deals with downtown business building preservation battle

Lancaster PA: Historic Montgomery house Revived:

Bowling Green KY: A newly restored historic gas station is featured in Preservation magazine:

Columbus Ohio: Members of the Victorian Village and Italian Village commissions are meeting today in the first of several get-togethers to forge a common vision for High Street.


Karen Anne said...

I am so disappointed in the Obama administration. I had such high hopes, who would have thought listening to him campaign that there'd be endless billions for war, but everything worthwhile is somehow too expensive. Not that the other Party is any better.

Paul Wilham said...

I guess I'm a cynic but I really didnt expect the Obama administration to be any different than any other.

Given save America's treasures is highly sucessfull and much of their work is done in poor urban areas I am somehwat surprised by Obamas administration cutting projects that are eneficial to neighborhoods Obama claims to want to help.