Friday, February 5, 2010

Nuisance Board orders another 36 pieces of history destroyed

Another Over the Rhine property doomed by the city

As a result of Public Hearings held by the Department of Community Development, Property Maintenance Code Enforcement, pursuant to Section 1101-57 CMC, the following buildings have been declared Public Nuisances and are subject to demolition by governmental action, in fact:

TRANSLATION? The following properties are worthless in the cities opinion and your tax dollars will be used to destroy them. There are several properties of note here 24 Elder which in Over the Rhine and would represent the loss of yet another property in a historic district. The community should be outraged that this continues. The action of this board amounts to the "Architectural Rape" of this cities architecture.

3551 POTOMAC AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0042-0005-0028.
3546 VAN ANTWERP PL - Book-Plat-Parcel 0112-0006-0016.
546 PROSPECT PL - Book-Plat-Parcel 0107-0008-0005.
3573 GLENWOOD PL - Book-Plat-Parcel 0108-0001-0115.
3620 BORDEN ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0193-0004-0089.
1647 CALIFORNIA AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0117-0005-0221.
1411 RYLAND AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0117-0006-0051.
717 RIDGEWAY AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0105-0002-0030.
1794 ESMONDE ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0205-0021-0056.
830 BLAIR AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0107-0010-0089.
1136 BEECH AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0174-0006-0057.
1140 BEECH AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0174-0006-0056.
1964 HORTON ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0203-0025-0126.
2735 FABER AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0207-0053-0008.
4042 COLERAIN AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0194-0012-0018.
1228 DEWEY AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0179-0074-0108.
1265 ILIFF AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0179-0074-0199.
1553 KNOX ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0202-0032-0176.
1916 MONTROSE ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0203-0026-0038.
3315 HACKBERRY ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0054-0005-0032.
1705 ESMONDE ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0170-0009-0173.
2041 QUEEN CITY AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0205-0024-0067.
24 W ELDER ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0094-0008-0325.
743 E MCMILLAN ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0068-0003-0158.
3082 BEEKMAN ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0201-0042-0007.
2730 COY ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0098-0004-0117.
3060 BEEKMAN ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0201-0038-0072.
5704 ADELPHI ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0037-0001-0037.
3058 KERPER AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0060-0005-0011.
4829 EBERSOLE AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0036-0002-0149.
2046 QUEEN CITY AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0205-0024-0062.
3537 GLENWAY AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0174-0008-0021.
3622 IDLEWILD AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0059-0006-0008.
1908 HEWITT AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0054-0004-0127.
3241 FAIRFIELD AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0054-0005-0079.
4032 COLERAIN AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0194-0012-0042.


Michael said...

Does anyone working for the city have any vision? The 24 Elder property is a perfect opportunity for a small business. That place could easily draw foot traffic from Findlay Market and IT IS ON THE PLANNED STREET CAR ROUTE! It seems insane to let this property go. Does anyone have something to gain from the demo? Does 3CDC have plans for infill on this lot? Something doesn't seem right.

Keep up the good fight Paul. I have to say, if the city continues along this path of destruction I will be looking for work in another region.

Paul Wilham said...

The reason I decided to comw to Cincinnati was I felt it needed my help. It would have been far easier to sit in Indy in my restored house in my restored neighborhood and relax on my accomplishments , BUT, that wouldn't be any fun now would it.

The list is important because more than 'just ' 24 Elder there are alot of nice homes that deserve saving.

You shouldgo out to the Hamilton county auditors site, pull up those addresses and look at the photos of what we stand to lose. TRUE there are a couple of houses that might be too far gone to save. BUT the majority are salvageable and even if you dont care about preservation. And many people you talk to don't. The ARGUMENT is that tearing down houses, decreases our tax base and that makes everyone elses taxes go up.