Friday, February 12, 2010

Nuisance/DEMO Board Hearing Feb 26 Several OTR properties on list!!

No I am not kidding! The city wants to condemn and tear
down this landmark church in the west end! 1815 Freeman

The city will have yet another Nuisance Board Hearing and a several OTR properties are on the list as well as a historic Church in the West end!
The "death list" Below:

1718 CEDAR AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0229-0004-0008
41 W McMicken has High end stone window surround (in OTR)
41 W MCMICKEN AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0096-0006-0126
316 McMicken is a solid as rock property with great details
316 W MCMICKEN AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0096-0004-0125
I've actually been in this one and it was built
as a RARE single family townhome , NO STRUCTURAL ISSUES!
207 W MCMICKEN AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0096-0005-0162.
3735 CASS AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0192-0065-0065.
1815 FREEMAN AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0184-0004-0004.
2519 WARSAW AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0175-0015-0002.
638 TAFEL ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0098-0002-0068.
2839 MARSHALL AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0101-0003-0092.
7866 NEWBEDFORD AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0117-0015-0268
2103 Vine has incredible tin cornice looks restorable WHY?
2103 VINE ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0095-0005-0201.
974 ELBERON AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0175-0017-0135.
2219 BOONE ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0090-0002-0155.
1627 JONATHAN AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0058-0005-0010.
3610 MARIA ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0174-0008-0198
2549 SEEGAR AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0202-0042-0221.
925 WELLS ST - Book-Plat-Parcel 0175-0018-0041.
3637 BROOKS AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0059-0006-0104.
1927 HEWITT AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0054-0003-0010.
1314 REGENT AV - Book-Plat-Parcel 0131-0006-0050

Average cost of 15000..00 per demo = 300,000.00
Total assessed value lost by demolition = 2,600,340.00
Total taxes Currently due (likely Never paid after demo) 146,473.30
Total Annual Tax revenue generated 91,738.98

In summary: we are spending your tax dollars to demo property worth 2.6 mil we lose 146+K in tax revenue owed and annually we will lose another 91+K. The vacant lost will sit for decades and the city will wind up paying the cost to maintain them.THIS MAKES NO SENSE!

Please feel free to contact your councilman and ask them why we are doing this?


epavner said...

I'm concerned that you're focusing all blame on the City for condemning buildings. Why are you not taking the various buildings' owners to task for allowing their priorities to deteriorate so much that they are becoming safety issues for the community? Start exposing the offending property owners.

Paul Wilham said...

The problem is the city is not enforcing the ordinances in the early stages. They are not doing emergency boardups and stabilization that they could under the law then seek liens against the property.

They are not taking owners to court. They are not taking recievership options, but instead are "fast tracking" property to demo that, in many cases, have no structural issues.

Those properties shoud, be stabilized and repaired and billed to the owner. If the owner refuses to pay the city gets claim and they could resell it to a responsible property owner.

Many times people buy these properties unaware that orders are out there Because the city doesn't lien for VBML or boardups and then find they have property they can't even get a loan on to make repairs.

Tearing down the buildings at taxpayer expense only hurts the buildings, the neighorhoods and the taxpayer. It does nothing to the bad owner who walks away from it. The city rarely, if ever, goes after the owner tp recover demo costs!

Kathryn said...
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Kathryn said...

I totally agree with the author on this issue. It's really terrible that there are not historical preservation legislative protections in Cincinnati like there are in other architecturally important cities. Legislation which protects ANY building built before a certain date is common, and increases the value of the properties in central downtown areas because it provides incentives for people to purchase and restore out of necessity rather than destroy and build something new.

Bryan said...

I can't seem to find any information about the hearing. A google search of various keywordings just brings up your site. Do you have any info on where the meeting will be held and what time and more importantly if it is open to the public?

Paul Wilham said...

Main Conference Room, First Floor, Business Development and Permit Center, 3300 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 9 AM.

Open to the public and the public can speak on any of the properties on the list.

Bryan said...

Thanks Paul. I'm interested in going, and if anyone else is also interested, perhaps getting together before hand and going over what points could/should be brought to the intention of those with power. I know some people who would be up for such a thing. What do you think?