Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Save the Gamble House: Time for Preservation "hardball"

Unless the Cincinnati Preservation Community "grows a pair" the historic Gamble house on Werk Road will be bulldozed!

Concerned Preservationist and neighborhood residents plan a protest in front of the property on Wednesday on Feb 24th 5-6:30 in front of Gamble Estate 2918 Werk Rd..

That may not be enough. In a February 21st article in the Cincinnati Enquirer Mr Randolph, the Vice President of the Green Acres foundation stated he was no closer to demolition.

(Asked if the demolition process had progressed recently, Randolph replied: "I don't think we're any closer than we were a month ago. I don't think we're any closer than we were three months ago.")

Yet records clearly show that Permits were applied for.

Thursday, February 18, 2010
Current Status ROUTE

Mr Randolph LIED to the press and the community. Perhaps you would like to let him know how you feel? You can email him at crandolph@green-acres.org or you can CALL HIM at (513) 891-4227 extension 1040

I do not know how the Board of Directors feels about Mr Randolph's actions but as someone who sits on several boards and trusts if one of our board members LIED to the press I would be asking for his resignation. According to the 2008 IRS filing of the trust FORM 990-PF Mr Randolph in his PART TIME 20 Hr Per week job was paid 150,000.00 and 26,401.00 in employee benefit plan contributions by the trust. I wonder if the board feels that they are getting their "moneys worth" from Mr Randolph? The following people are UNPAID Board members of the Green Acres Foundation:

Mrs Louis Nippert Chairman and President
Mr. Carter Randolph PhD, Vice President
Mr and Mrs Guy D. Randolph Jr, Trustee
Mr Drauslin Wulsin, Trustee
Dr Jill Louv, Trustee
Mr. Marty Cooper, Trustee
Mr Brad Lindner, Trustee
Mr Tim Johnson, Trustee
Mr. Lawrence H. Kyte Jr, Trustee
Ms. Nancy Walker, Trustee
Ms. Ginger Warner, Trustee

Ms. Jackie Quay, Director of Arts Center is the only full time position with the trust according to the Federal filing.

We need to let the Board know how we feel about Mr Carter Randolph's action and we need to ask them to seek his resignation. We also need to know if the Board took a vote for what obviously is a capital expenditure of the trust and will affect the value of one of its listed assets.

We need to let them know we will not support ANY of the programs or projects from this point further. If Green Acres Foundation will not be a good steward of the Gamble house then we as a community will not support the trust AND we will fight Every Permit request, Every Zoning Variance, anything regarding ANY property owned by the trust.

Further I am calling for a BOYCOTT of Algeiers and Son Construction who has been awarded the contract for demo. Allgeier & Sons INC 513-574-3735, 6386 Bridgetown Rd Cincinnati

I am asking all local Architects, contractors, homeowners, property managers and general contractors to NOT use this company and let them know WHY you will not use their company. It is time for this city to stand up and say NO MORE DEMOLITIONS OF OUR HISTORY!

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