Saturday, February 6, 2010

Well its all about the weather

View from front window: In the distance you
'should' see the skyline but not today

It will definitely be a weekend in Indy at the house up here as emails from my neighbors in Cincy advised to STAY HOME rather than make the climb up Knox Hill. So it will be cozy weekend of coffee by the fireplace and reading back issues of Victorian homes.
I'll probably do a little work as I have some antiques to upholster but only if I feel like shoveling a path out to the workshop over the carriage house. The "neighborhood brigade" will start work soon. We have a lot of transplanted "suburbanites" who moved downtown from the burbs and brought with them those nice expensive snowblowers. they will be bored soon and with no long driveways to clear will soon be out clearing all the sidewalks and alleys in the neighborhood and our street........but YAWN...its nice to stay inside where its warm and toasty!

Would be nice in the hot tub BUT not today

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