Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cincinnate Preservation bargains:2523 Halstead

In any other city say Boston or Montreal this elegant brick French Second Empire home would sell in the millions. Convenient to downtown , UC and shopping this house, a short sale is priced at ONLY 47,500.00! Currently 7 apartments. This home would make an elegant conversion back to a grand single family mansion.
The home is offered by David Shaffer,Comey & Shepherd, Realtors 513-241-3400. MLS 1211626

Do you know of a Historic Preservation bargain? A house that in the hands of a preservation minded owner could easily be returned to its former grandeur? If so sent us a photo and details and we may publish it here. Through this series, several homes have been snatched from slumlord investor clutches and are on their way back to their former glory. Send me an email at
Restoring Cincinnati history one house at a time!


Quim said...

hey! I used to live a few doors down from this building.
For years, the landlord & the tenants ran the place into the ground.
That being said, the little street had a community of it's own. They looked out for each other (for the most part). Guy across the street from this building raised chickens & bought draft beer by the gallon from the bar at Eliza & McMicken.
I gave my address to a guy at a pawn shop on Vine St, once. He told me he knew the street. Said it was a nice place, you just never knew if you would burn to death every night.
You can get pizza delivery out the wazoo from Clifton.
The sounds from the freight yards are very soothing.

Paul Wilham said...

When we were driving all over Cincy when we were trying to find the right house I drove through this area and I thought to myself, "This would be an easy area to turn around. Small area, good architecture". At the time there wasn't anything on the market. But it would only take a small group of people to transform that area and as close to downtown as it is, it is very viable.

Small "pocket neighborhoods' like this can be great places to live.