Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cincinnati Historic Preservation Bargains: West End

923 Findlay is a 1870's Italianate Brick townhouse that is priced at.......drum role please....9999.00! The house right across the street is for sale at almost 40K and this one is in better shape. This is in the West End, near Historic Dayton Street.

Offered by Huff Realty (MLS 1212278) , the agent is Dick Gilbert Office: 513-574-2300.

This is a classic brick Townhome in the West End that still has its wrought iron fence. Really nice detailed front door it looks like someone got started on this restoration and nice window trim and cornice brackets. 7 rooms ,4 bedroom, 2 baths room and for a garage. If you EVER wanted to own an old house this is your chance but you better hurry, just on the market and I bet it won't last long at that price. Save it from a slumlord! This is the same house you'd pay a ton for in Betts Longworth or Pendleton. Close to Findlay Market and the downtown , there ARE some restorations going on in the immediate area.

Do you know of a Preservation Bargain? A House just crying out for a preservation minded buyer to save it from remuddling? If so, tell us about it and include a photo and a contact person. Thanks to this Blog Several home shave been saved and are on their way to restoration. Just email me at

You can be a "Preservation Hero" and save a piece of Cincinnati past!


ADP said...


I love reading your blog. The work you have been doing is incredible. My wife and I are recent transplants to Cincinnati, and I love the historic character of this city. Its too bad that there isn't the "critical mass" to take this city to the level of Savannah or Charleston, which Cincinnati could easily beat!

I pass that green house on Findlay twice a week on my way to work at the Art Academy, and its beautiful. I'd love to live in it, but (shame on me!) I'm hesitant about the neighborhood.

I honestly feel that a comprehensive restoration/resettlement plan needs to be developed by individual owners working together, not by a "redevelopment" type organization which seems to put price and profit above all else. If I knew 5 other people who were going to buy properties on the same street, and would live there after they were restored, I'd say count me in! I guess I'm not brave enough to be the first one. Well, that's my two cents anyway!

Keep up the great work!


Paul Wilham said...

It's always tough to be the first one. When we went over on Knox we were the ONLY people restoring on our block.Now there are two others on the block restoring, hopefully by the summer there will be ba couple more.

In a few years when weve reached
'critical mass' we will be congratulating ourselves on buying when we did. Restoration is often a "leap of faith".

If we were not focused on finding a commercial building to restore for our business I'd buy it in a minute.