Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cincinnati Restoration Resource: Gable lighting

We bought our house over a year ago and like many Westsiders I drove up Harrison and noticed the Gable Electric Sign but never stopped. I saw the vintage lighting in the window, but in typical fashion of most people restoring I was on my way to the Depot or Lowes for screws , drywall, wiring or all the other "immediate" things we need to get a house "habitable". The last few weeks I spyed some really cool antique lighting in the windows and last Saturday decided we HAD to stop .


I never expected to find an 'old style' lighting place in Cincinnati. It goes on forever (rooms and rooms) and the lighting ranges from the late 1890's all the way into 'mid century' (1950's)! You could spend a couple of hours there looking at antique lighting,
Chandeliers, lamps, sconces, it is all there! If you have a period fixture and need it rewired they do that too. Locally owned family business and , pardon my pun , a "fixture' on the Westside for decades. Compared to most big city antique lighting stores the prices are dirt cheap! Chandeliers you would find on Ebay at over a grand 250-350 here. A SERIOUS BARGAIN! You simply do not find shops like this anymore! They have nice selection of Craftsman era lighting as well.

You will find it all here and frankly I haven't seen a store like this in a decade! 2034 Harrison Avenue, 661-6924. open during the week and Saturday till noon.
Stop in and take a look,I was really impressed!


CityKin said...

Plus the Gable family are some of the nicest and most generous people around! Thanks for reminding me about Gable Electric!

Paul Komarek said...

Gable Electric now has a spot on the internet. http://gableelectric.blogspot.com