Monday, March 8, 2010

Conservation Board Meets TODAY on Gamble House Nomination

Gregory Kissel, representing the Westwood Historical Society, has applied for Historic Designation of the James N. Gamble House, located at 2918 Werk Road. The property is zoned “Single Family, SF-10. If approved the property would be protected by historic overlay zoning. This property is located in the Westwood community.

This is the formal hearing before the full staff of the Cincinnati Historic Conservation Board. This meeting allots time for public testimony. Comments will generally be limited to between 2-3 minutes. It is VERY important that your voice be heard on this issue. A strong show of support is necessary as this puts increasing pressure om the Greenacres board to do the right thing ans save the Gamble house.

PARKING: Parking is available in garages and on-street across Central, and on-street and in garages on Plum Street. There is also a parking garage underneath the Centennial Plaza complex.

The groups advocating for the gamble house expect a good turnout of people who will be there in support but they urge everyone who can attend to do so.

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