Friday, March 19, 2010

DAYTON OH: County Demolition of house put on Hold

The state has stopped the demolition plan of a house 1718 N. County Road 25A , saying the house could qualify for the historic register because of some 1920s style woodwork inside. The house was used for many years as a homeless men's shelter that was rented to the shelter by county. The shelter has since moved and the county claims it has no use for the building.The county commission has claimed there is mold in the basement.

The county wants to use Federal monies to do the demolition but the state says the property may be historic and therefore stalled by an Ohio Historical Society opinion that the building is eligible for National Register of Historic Places listing.

Miami County would be required to follow an appeal process that includes a public hearing. Section 106 review where the public may present evidence that the property does meet historic criteria. An agreement with the historical society including a building history and photos also would be needed.

It does not mean doesn’t mean the county wouldn’t be allowed to demolish the house but that they first must have a public process in order to use Federal funds.

During that time between the required hearings, commissioners agreed other options would be explored, including whether the house could be sold for $1 and moved.

The Section 106 review process is REQUIRED when federal monies are used much. A process the City of Cincinnati continuously tries to circumvent.

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