Friday, March 26, 2010

GAMBLE HOUSE HEARING UPDATE: No decision until May 7th!

FROM CPA: After being postponed for 30 days, the Gamble House hearing took place today before Judge Norbert Nadel in the Court of Common Pleas. Judge Nadel heard over four hours of testimony from a series of witnesses. He did not issue a ruling but took the matter under submission. A transcript of the proceedings will be prepared and the attorneys will submit findings by May 7. The judge expressed interest in touring the house, so a visit will be arranged in a few weeks.

This is good news for local preservationists who were concerned about a quick decision. The mere fact the judge has expressed an interest in touring the house probably means he is having difficulty with Greenacres claim the house is 'too far gone' and 'cost prohibitive' to fix.

This will give CPA time to raise funds and submit a proposal to Greenacres Foundation as well as allow the registry process to have time to go forward.

This is a good thing in my opinion and I am a little more optimistic than I was that this might be resolved favorably.

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