Monday, March 1, 2010

Gamble House: Historic Pre designation hearing TODAY

Today is the all-important pre-designation hearing before the Historic Conservation Board: it's from 2-3pm downtown at 805 Central Avenue (2 Centennial Plaza) 7 th floor , J Martin Griesel Room. If you can attend, please do so—we need as many bodies in the room as possible!

This hearing is the first step in getting the Historic Gamble house the historic recognition it deserves AND putting more public pressure on the Green Acres Foundation to do the "green' thing and let the Gamble House stand rather than send 20 truckloads of Cincinnati History to the dumpster.

Saving this house should be important to EVERY Cincinnati Citizen and every one who cares about history and architecture. This house simply cannot be duplicated, when its gone , its gone and we cannot bring it back. The loss of this house would be a major embarrassment to the city of Cincinnati. Preservationists and Urban Planners from across the nation are looking to see if this city can do whats right and save this rare historic structure.

Carter Randolph and the Green Acres Foundation MUST be stopped!

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