Monday, March 1, 2010

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Spring cant be that far away and I cant wait to get things in full swing on our restoration. Work continues on our front parlor and paint is beginning to cover the parlor wall once again. This level of historic restoration is simply put a time intensive laborious process but the finished product should last for years!
Every square inch of the wall surface must be sanded (remember we had to hand chip off all the other layers of paint to get to this original milk paint wall finish) . Because the artisan who did the original 1870's Neo Grec stenciling decided to seal his work for posterity with shellac, Modern paints would not properly bond to the old paint.
No Greg's not in 'time out", he is prepping the baseboards for the Mahogany faux finish graining that must take place. Our woodwork as well as the lower Dado area of the tripart wall treatment is being given a mahogany faux grained finish that provides the base for the Marbleized panels that will be trimmed out as well. Victorian often hand painted and grained lesser woods to look like more expensive woods and we are doing the same.

The changes in color seem to make the room appear larger and taller than it actually is a trick the Victorians used well to make a room seem larger than it actually was. Once the painting, and graining and faux finishing and of course the stencil restoration is done work will progress to installing the cast iron faux-painted mantle and ebonized overmantle.


Karen Anne said...

Does having a border at the top of walls make a room look larger?

I'm working on my house which has quite low ceilings, so I welcome any tips for that. I've already seen what a difference a lighter paint makes.

Paul Wilham said...

Generally speaking placing a border at the top tends to draw the eyes upward giving you a sense of greater height. Our ceilings are only 10 feet.

Another trick is in furniture scale and placement. Tall furnituure in a low ceilinged room tends to make it look smaller. So furniture selection can make a big difference,