Monday, March 29, 2010

Knox Hill Project : Weekly update

Work is progressing on multiple fronts, always a good thing but a little hectic!

We decided to start the process of taming the hill in front of the house and that involves some terracing and of course planting. My goal is "maintenance free (or as little as possible). We are going for a rock garden look as a result. Plants chosen for color and how they will fill in as well as help retard erosion. The primary flower chosen was a creeping phlox (Phlox subulata). This will provide spectacular color in spring. We couped that with some English Ivy, English Ivy can become invasive so its being used sparingly and probably will come out after a couple of years once the other plants become fully established. We also added some allysum, some tulips and a couple of resurrection lilies which provide some greet greenery, in spring with that 'surprise lily' later in the summer. The two trees are Kanzan Cherry trees, they can get large but in our application will probably be kept dwarfed to provide color in the spring and some privacy for the house while not hiding it from view. We also added an heirloom lilac which will provide some great color as well, it too will be kept pruned back to a manageable size.
Stencil restoration work continues and I've now started the restoration of the lower border of the original frieze design. This is painted in the 'wall fill' color on the mahogany background. I still think I need to add 'something below the 'false cypress color" at the bottom just below the wall fill color. That may take the form of a smaller mahogany live or I may add a wood trim detail in a gold leaf. We picked up the small cove moulding that will go at the top of the ceiling. This will be painted in the gold leaf and will divide the upper stencil border from is mirror image which I still must stencil on the ceiling. This week I will be getting that material painted in anticipation of install "maybe' next week.
Greg was working on the baseboard removal upstairs. The upper floor has a very simple baseboard and it was in pretty bad shape. Some of it had been taken out when they had done some awful duct work, the rest had multiple nails from where they nailed some 1960 paneling to it. I DO NOT miss that paneling!!!! Anyway we plan on putting in all new Victorian baseboard. While we are at it the lower section of the plaster was been removed so as to provide access for the electrician to run new wiring and we will be doing blown in insulation as well so we have some access.
Another 'small' step forward was putting up some drapes. After a year of fabric tacked to the window we finally put up some drapes in the parlor. While not the final product which I am, working on for eventual install, they at least look nice and you can open an close them without using a hammer. One more sign of progress. They are a vegetable dyed fabric From the far east and are in an eastern design which for the moment works fine and provides some privacy.

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Karen Anne said...

I vote for wood trim in gold leaf :-)

Looks amazing.