Monday, March 8, 2010

Knox Hill Restoration Project: Weekly update

Warmer weather was a welcome change this week. Wont be long until we can start removing scrub trees again!
Work is humming along on the front parlor and one of the areas of attention this week was hand sanding the front door to get it ready for the mahogany faux finish. This door was in pretty sorry shape and not a good candidate for staining because of years of abuse. After a lot of work it is now smooth enough to take paint which, is one of the many, many projects to do.
Ive been custom milling the trim for the archway between the parlor and dining room which I hope to install soon. I've begun work on the fretwork Spandrel that goes in the arch area above the Portier rod But that's a future post.
Wall work continues with the paint I still have the upper areas to do that get the stencilling and of course there is the whole ceiling stencil phase to go as well.

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